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Vegetarian Cooking Class in Bali: Three Most Wanted Foods in Bali

When tourists come to Bali, they shouldn’t forget to taste vegetable since Bali as a part of Indonesia has many foods made of fresh vegetables. In addition, if they want something more challenging, they can take vegetarian cooking class in Bali as well. So, they will not taste the food for granted, but they have to cook it in advance.

The first food that should be tried by vegetarians is Sayur Rambanan. Sayur in English means vegetable while Rambanan is the process of taking vegetables which are planted in the back yard. So, Sayur Rambanan means that food containing vegetables which are taken from back yard. It has to be known that almost every Balinese plants vegetables in side or back yard of the house. In the vegetarian cooking class in Bali, the tourists are also invited to take a look at the fresh vegetable not from the refrigerator but from the field directly. When vegetables like sprout, string bean, and many others from the back yard become the main ingredient for this Sayur Rambanan, there is special sauce which is poured into the vegetables. Making this special sauce is slightly difficult part of the cooking process. To make this sauce, they have to prepare coconut milk and some spices. It has to be pointed out that this food doesn’t contain of chemical ingredient at all. So, Sayur Rambanan is a hundred percent healthy food.

Another food for vegetarians is Srobotan. At glance, this food is similar to Sayur Rambanan. However, when they take vegetarian cooking class in Bali, they will know that the process of cooking and also ingredients are slightly different. Srobotan, like Sayur Rambanan contains of various tropical vegetables like Kangkung (leafy vegetable), spinach, eggplant, pare (vegetable with bitter in taste) with special sauce made of nut, terasi, and chili. This food is highly recommended to try for those who really love Balinese’s spicy food.

Plecing Kangkung is another option for vegetarian. It is different with previous ones. When Sayur Rambanan and Srobotan are made of various vegetables, Plecing Kangkung contains only one single vegetable. It is Kangkung. Balinese like consuming Plecing Kangkung because it gives benefit for their health as well. It can reduce insomnia and pain during menstruation. The tourists will not take too much time in taking this vegetarian cooking class in Bali since Plecing Kangkung is very easy to cook. At first, Kangkung is cooked in boiling water. While waiting boiling process, they can make the sauce. Like others Bali

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