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The Most Well-Known Foods to Cook in Cooking Class in Bali

Cooking class in Bali becomes one of the most visited places when tourists visit Bali. Indeed, they don’t forget to see beautiful scenery of clean beaches or great rice terrace. But, taking a short cooking course in Bali is always included as a top list to visit. When they like cooking or at least eating, they don’t have to miss the opportunity to cook Bali foods by themselves. By cooking by themselves, they can be more satisfied when they finally taste their own foods.

There are a lot of foods that become the most favorite food by Balinese. There are lawar, tahun, Jaja, and many others. However, among others, there are three famous Bali foods that the tourists are recommended to cook and taste later. The first food is Bebek Betutu. Bebek is duck in English while Betutu is being roasted. Cooking class in Bali will teach them every single step on how to cook Bebek Betutu. The first, they will be asked to prepare Bali recipe to cook Bebek Betutu such as leaf, garlic, onion, ginger, black pepper, turmeric, red chili pepper, and also coconut oil. From the ingredients that they prepare, it can be seen that Bebek Betutu will be very spicy. It has ginger and red chili pepper as well. In this case, leaf is used to wrap the duck during the process cooking. When they take this class, they need to be patient since it will take quite long time.

Second famous Bali food is Babi Guling. Babi in English is pig. So, when the tourists take this cooking class in Bali, pig becomes the main recipe and ingredient. Historically, this Bali food has relationship with what Balinese believe. It has been noticed that Balinese’s belief is Hindu and Bali Guling is a part of religion ceremony process. In addition, this food is also influenced by India. The flavor is a mix between Southeast Asia with Indian flavor as the most popular country with a lot of Hindu followers in centuries ago. Several main Bali receipt for Babi Guling are lemograss, chili, and turmeric. Since the process of cooking this Babi Guling is quite difficult, the tourists will get be guided intensively when they join cooking class in Bali.

The third most popular Bali food is satay. Actually, it is Indonesia food since many parts of Indonesia have satay. Nevertheless, Satay in Bali is slightly different with other satays in other regions in Indonesia. Balinese use satay as a part of religion ceremony while Java that becomes the first place in which satay is found use satay as daily foods. However, it doesn’t mean that satay is only served during religion ceremony in Bali. Tourists can learn how to cook satay by attending cooking class in Bali. Goat, chicken, beef, or pork mean becomes the main ingredient. Bali recipe used to cook this traditional food is such as chili, onion, pepper, tomato, and sometimes cabbage. It is unique food since the consumers will eat satay using bamboo skewers.

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