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Special Food to Cook in Culinary Cooking School

Attending in Adjani culinary cooking school is only attending the ordinary cooking class to learn how to cook some traditional foods in Bali. It is too pity when the tourists come to Bali and join this class just only to learn how to cook. Actually, the class is not only a place to learn some different Balinese foods. It is more about how to understand Balinese cultures from the foods. It has to be understood that understanding about Balinese culture can be got from their foods. The secret of Balinese culture might be hidden inside of the foods. It can be said that the tourists can understand Balinese culture from foods they cook.

That statement above is not a talk through hat. It is true, actually. In this culinary cooking school, the tourists will be able to cook special foods for Balinese for instance, Lawar. This food is getting very popular right now. It seems that almost every tongue from different country accepts it as delicious food. It has to be known that Lawar is not only a food for Balinese. It refers to Balinese belief in God. Hindu, as religion followed by Balinese in majority has several ceremonies. In this case, Lawar is usually used as a part of the ceremony such as mortality, wedding, or any ceremonies related to Hindu.

Babi Guling as one of the most favorite foods in Bali has another story. When the tourists come to Bali, they might have been familiar to hear this food. It is commonly talked by many tourists since it is considered as special and unique food belonging to Balinese. Besides as a food to consume, there is historical value behind this food. According to Balinese, Babi Guling must be included as “sesaji” or offering in religious ceremonies. Nevertheless, for the times being, this food is easily found in the restaurants in Bali. In order to know more about Babi Guling, it is not false to attend in Adjani culinary cooking school. So, tasting Babi Guling will be tastier when it is cooked by them.

Lemper is another food that is commonly served in restaurants in Bali. In the past, this food used to be served only in happy events like wedding party. Limpet contains of tuna with special spices from Bali. This food looks very unique since it is covered with banana leaf. At glance, it looks like Lemper in Java. The name is almost the same, but actually both foods are different each other. During process of cooking in the culinary cooking school, the tourists will not need to prepare the stove since it requires charcoal from dried coconut shell. Since it uses dried coconut shell as the charcoal, the aroma of this food is very exclusive. It is different when the Lemper is roasted on the stove.
Now, the tourists can see that many foods in Bali are very special for Balinese. They are tradition brought by ancestors and Balinese preserve them. Now, Balinese don’t only want

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