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Most Recommended Healthy Foods Learnt in Bali Cooking Class

When the tourists enjoy the view in Lovina beach, they should spend the time to visit Adjani Bali cooking class to learn about healthy food in Bali. In Indonesia, especially in Bali, people want to be far away from the crowd of business and job. They want to relax and get quality time for leisure. Instead spending the time only laying on the beach, it would be better if they join Bali cooking class. It is fun and it will really make them happy. They will have another definition about vacation after attending this class. Getting busy with fun activities will be more enjoyable.

Besides learning about cooking in the Bali cooking class, the tourists will also consume healthy food in Bali. For instance, when they like fruits, they can try to cook “rujak kuah pindang”. This food consists of several fruits like ordinary rujak such as guava, mango, star fruits, and many other fruits. In this case, they will ensure themselves that the fruits are highly fresh. The Adjani cooking class only provides fresh fruits. What makes this rujak different with other rujak is sauce. The sauce is made of broth from pindang (the name of fish). The spices might be similar like salt, onion, chili, and terasi (special spice in Bali).

Another healthy food in Bali that can be learnt in the Bali cooking class is Nasi Jinggo. Actually, there is no special with this food. For Indonesia people, they know it as Nasi Kucing. However, the tourists need to know about this food and probably make it by themselves. This is a food that has good portion for breakfast, for instance. The portion is small so it would be a good choice for those who are not too hungry yet. They can consume this food and then go doing activities directly. To make this food, the tourists might get a problem to cover up or wrap the food. The wrapper is made of banana leaf. Meanwhile, the food contains rice, tempe, tahu, and sometimes fried eggs. It is truly healthy food unlike junk food or fast food.

For vegetarians, they can pick vegetarian Bali cooking class. They can cook Serombotan, for example. It is truly vegetarian food that is included as healthy food in Bali. The tip of Kangkung leaf, spinach, string bean, and bean sprout become parts of this food. From the contents, the tourists can know that this food is very healthy. The part that has to be paid more attention is the sauce. When they like spicy, they can have many chili on it. However, the chili should be limited if they don’t like spicy food. Onion, garlic, terasi, and galingale are some herbs used to make the sauce of this food. In short, all ingredients used for this food are not harmful for health at all.

So, don’t even think about having vacation in Bali with only spending the day and the night at the beach. Attending Bali cooking class will be an alternative to have vacation with fun and beneficial activities in this beautiful island.

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