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Kaemferia Galangga

Lovina – Bali Cooking Class – Kaemferia Galangga at  Our Spice Garden

Kamferia Galangga by Bali Cooking Class

Kamferia Galangga by Bali Cooking Class

In addition to cooking as a seasoning kaemferia galanggar can also be used as a traditional medicine Influenza and cough in infants1 rhizome thumb and 2 leaves

cubeb (pepper caudate / Cubeb) finely crushed, add a few tablespoons of warm water. Apply around each baby’s nose.

For cough: Kaemferia galangga skin cleaned, shredded and wring it out, take the juice, add 1 tablespoon of warm water, drenched to the baby (this is for babies who eat solid foods sdh yes, if that is still exclusively breastfed give only breast milk only, or 1 drop of juice mixed with Kaemferia galangga milk)

  • Child Ear Inflammation, 2 rhizome kencur thumb and ½ finely ground nutmeg seeds, given 2 tablespoons of warm water and smeared around each nose.


  • Cough, 1 rhizome kaemferia galangga thumb grated, then add 1 cup of warm water, squeezed and strained, add salt to taste. Drink warm 1 – 3 times / day.

It could also chew fresh kencur (if this powerful and odor resistant kencur pedes), chew wrote kaemferia galangga and sucked the juice, the waste is disposed. Very powerful, sy always use this method.

  • Inflammation of the stomach and into the wind.

For stomach ulcers: 2 rhizome kaemferia galangga thumb. cleaned and chewed for drugs such as cough, the waste is dumped and then drink a glass of water. Perform routine every day until cured.

For a cold:

Kaemferia Galangga eaten with salt, like vegetables and then drink a glass of water. Do it in the morning and evening.
Lose Weight / body Slimming.

  • 2 rhizome kencur cleaned, shredded, take the juice, add honey. Drink regularly morning and evening. It’s been tried a friend and be successful.

For Headache

  • 2-3 Kaemferia galangga leaves crushed into powder, applied as a compress / pilis on the forehead.

For Diarrhea
2 rhizome kencur grated thumb, add 1 cup of warm water and salt to taste, squeezed and filtered. Apply on the stomach as a powder pilis / compress

Eliminates Tired.

  • 1 large rhizome Kaemferia galangga, 2 tablespoons rice fried without oil (couple) and 1 red chilli seeds. All the ingredients are boiled together with 2 cups water to boil down to 1 cup, and then filtered.

Streamlining Menstruation

  • 2 rhizome Kaemferia galangga thumb, 1 trengguli leaves, 1 clove old fruit seeds, fennel  taste.

How: kencur chopped, then mixed with other ingredients and boil with 3 cups water to boil down to 2 cups, then filtered.
Drink 2 cups at a time once a day.

Sore Eyes

  • 1 piece of rhizome kaemferia galangga split into 2 parts. The surface is still wet used to rub eyes.

Drink at once and repeated until healed. For men can be added with 1 piece of ginger pepper to taste.

Eliminate Blood Dirty

  • 4 kencur rhizome of thumb, 2 trengguli leaves, 2 dry clove seeds, fennel pulawaras taste.

All the ingredients are boiled together with 1 liter of water until boiling and then filtered. Drink 2 times a day regularly.sprain

  • 1 rhizome kencur and rice that has been soaked in water. Both materials are crushed with water. Apply / rubbed on the part of the sprain as parem / powder.

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