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How to Use Black Pepper ?

Cooking Course – How to Use Black Pepper ?


blackpepper plant

Bali cooking class Uses of  Black Pepper in Food

Apart from its numerous medicinal uses, Black pepper has some other notable uses, as well. Black pepper is extensively used in different types of cuisine, all over the world. It is an important spice . We are use black pepper for make curry,, warmth and pungency to vegetable dishes.

Black pepper is used as a flavouring spice in both vegetable and non-vegetable preparations. Black pepper is by far considered the most used type of peppercorns. It can be used for almost every kind of dish, even in making sweets.

They are broadly used in making fruit salads and high-quality dark chocolate.

Peper by Adjanibali cooking class

Peper by Adjanibali cooking class

Black Pepper can be used in many spice mixtures. It is used abundantly in Indonesia  Black pepper is used as flavour ingredient in most major food products in Indonesia.

Some of the notable food products include the non alcoholic beverages, candies, baked foods, meat and meat products, Cheese, Condiments and relishes, etc. The black pepper oil is also utilised in making perfumes.

Some of the other important uses of black pepper include defending against houseflies; keeping various insects from entering vegetable garden; fixing a heater leak temporarily; keeping the coloured clothes bright; preventing ants from entering kitchen; etc.

Black Pepper is probably the most important spice in Indonesia diverse usages. The cultivation of black pepper has also increased due to its numerous uses. The cultivation of black pepper has now spread to the remote places in Indonesia.

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