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Health and Sex Benefits of Onion

Cooking Lesson – Health and Sex Benefits of Onion

Onions are very important in making various typical dishes bali, often and is in need of red onion to make a sauce fried in bali called sambal fried onions, in addition it can be made onion garlic sauce, which is mixed with various herbs with cutting-sliced raw onions,

Onion can also serve to increase the health of the body and Sex Drive

Health and Sex Benefits of Onion

Health and Sex Benefits of Onion

Green onion and red onion are the two types of onion which are available in market and have its respective healing properties as that of the garlic family, these contain powerful chemical compounds rich in sulphur offering health promoting effects.

Health Benefits Of Onions

1) Onion health benefits are observed in its blood sugar level lowering ability of overall cardiovascular health problem.

2) Daily consumption of onions seen a very powerful effects against various types of tumors which makes onions most important benefits of onion.

3) Red onion and green onion have similar benefits due to its same properties and similar compound are found in both the types of onions.

4) Onion have the reach source of fructose-oligosaccharides which helped in growth of healthy bacteria in the stomach and decrease the reaction of bad bacteria thus help us to prevents from stomach pain.

5)The high and rich source of sulfides which is present in onions which bring down the blood level lipids in patients who have any cholesterol problems and also help in controlling blood pressure. The supply of filamentous also helps in giving protection against cardiovascular problem.

6) Onion contain rich source of sulphur which is considered as the anti-clothing agent helps to prevent from any blood clots.

7) The major health benefits of onions is that it boost the stamina of sex. If only one glass of juice of onions is consumed, you can use Onion for Sex Drive,, make onion jus for drink,, be succesfull

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