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Having Unforgettable Fun Activity in Cooking Class near Lovina Bali

Another easy food to chef in Bali cooking class is Nasi Jinggo. The main ingredient is same to the previous one. It is nasi or rice. However, the tourists will be really find this class as fun cooking class program since they will know how to serve the food in unique way. They must be known that some Balinese foods are traditional.

They are also served in traditional way. Instead using plate, sometimes the foods are laid on the banana leaf. Nasi Jinggo is one of them. Having been laid upon the banana leaf, the nuance of rural and traditional is revealed. Meanwhile, the instructor in the cooking class close Lovina Bali would like to invite the participants of the class to prepare the herbs and spices in advance like terasi, chili, and many others. In general, this food is simple to make and it doesnt spend much time either.

Recently, many caterings in Bali has gotten many orders to provide Nasi Yasa. It is ordinary rice whose color is yellow with chicken meat, eggs and several vegetable. This food is usually used for religious ceremony like Hari Raya Saraswati. For today, the tourists can attend cooking class program in Bali to chef this food. Since this food is related to Balinese belief, this food must be very important for them and the tourists will feel it too when they try and chef this food in cooking class near Lovina Bali.

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