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Hand-On Cooking Class

Hand-on Cooking CLass, At Cooking Vacations we bring you the best hands-on cooking classes & cultural tours in Bali. You will learn to cook traditional balinese recipes with excellent Chefs, ( balinese Chief, local expert cooks, Our Balinese culinary holidays are original, authentic, and include see spice garden, see balinese cultural .

We are Balinese share our love for cooking in our culinary vacations with you.As soon as you step into the bright, traditional balinese teaching kitchen, you’ll embark on an exciting culinary journey. Learn to create tasty dishes inspired by balinese teacher.

Let our chef introduce you to exotic culinary destinations such as the traditional balinese cooking Class ,our cooking demos and Hand-on Cooking Class  instruction will take you in adjani bali cooking class.

Come on holiday to Bali and discover the Bali culture ,,, Bali like how people cook by hand and also a lot of very interesting things that you can see during the course of which a cooking course, how the structures bali ceremony  how people living in traditional houses, with us you will have an amazing experience,

The art of cooking with a very attractive hand done, here you will find something new, with a Balinese instructor. You will be taught to cook bali, you will be guided from slicing cooking ingredients.

Tto making chili bali and you will also taught cooking for a ceremony in bali like making satay wrap, snack bali, after the cooking time is now to eat with us, our services are very traditional, to commemorate the memory of  bali culture.

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