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Daphne and Alexander

Thank you very much for this wounderful experience,, i will try at home balinese cooking king regards, from Amesterdam

Jessica, Katja

Big experience,,,,The food a lot,, and the food was phenomenal ,, the teacher is friendly,, thanks so much, king regards : Jessica, Katja

Sarah from USA

Thanks to Bali Cooking Class ( Adjani Bali ) Wayan n Family, All dishes is very delicius,,nice cooking class,, king regards: Sarah from USA

Wim and Baukje, Holland

It was a great experience for us,welearned alot and wrote down manything, so i will invite our friend and have with them agood balinese dishes, King regards : Wim and Baukje, Holland

Idris, rossana, UK

Afantastic experience,, one of the best thik you can do in Bali, king regads : Idris, rossana, UK

Jon and Sofie,Belgium

It,s was fantastic cooking class,, We are enjoy the food,, we will make there dishes in belgium, the food was delicius,, GREAT COOKING CLASS . King regards : Jon and  Sofie,Belgium

Albino ,Rusia

Tonigt i learn balinese cooking Alot of good food,and i know how to cook it,iam sure you will love this my special cooking course,  Enjoy it, 19/11/2004. King regards: Albino ,Rusia

Jason and Corey, Columbia

Thank you Adjani for giving us the best memories of  Bali, April – 6 -2005. Jason and Corey,, Columbia

Andy, USA

I love sate lilit, the cocounut looks like BBQ from my home, may 14, 2005 Andy, USA

Hannike, NL

We are enjoy  a delicius meal,, fresh ingridients made it really taste Agood, sept, 31, 2006. Hannike, NL

Sarah, Canada

Had a wounderfull morning cooking, hope to be able  to recreate everything when we go home. july 5-2007. Sarah, Canada

Yrette and Pippa, IRELAND

Great experience,now know how to cook balinese food had abrilliant time, 4/12/2008, Yrette and Pippa, IRELAND

Nicce, Singapore

YUM,YUM,YUM,, I had so much knowlodge about spice and my cooking lesson to,, make a sambal,, Nice……13/3/2009,Singapore

Tristan and Thela, Holland

Thank you for this lovely cook, defrent thing you can do in Bali,,,,, Nice Food, 30/07/2010, Tristan and Thela, Holland

Ema and Luke, Australia

The big experience you can do in Lovina . Bali,, Nice Cooking,, Thank so much,, 12/9/2012,, Ema and Luke, Australia