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Finding and Learning Balinese Medical Food in Adjani Cooking Class in Bali

Actually, tamarind is not only included in as a part of the ingredients in some Balinese foods. In Adjani cooking class in Bali, the tourists will know the different way to consume this herb. It can be consumed in form of drink as well. It is called Wedan Asem. The hot water is poured in the glass in which tamarind is in the glass. It can be a fried to accompany the tourists in the freezing night in Bali.

Besides tamarind, there is any Balinese medical food containing ginger. Like tamarind, this herb is very beneficial for health as well. However, the tourists have to know that this herb produces spicy taste. So, it would be better if the tourists who doesn’t really like spicy food ask the chefs in advance whether the food that they will cook spicy not when they attend Adjani cooking class in Bali. Because this herb makes the Balinese foods spicy, the consumers will find that their body is getting warmer. They will notice why Balinese like spicy foods because the condition and the weather in Bali with freezing air and cold sometimes make them to think to make the body warmer. Besides, the foods containing ginger will be medicine for those who have cold, for instance. In fact, there are a lot of benefits except curing the cold.

It is too many to account the Balinese medical food in Bali. However, there are several simple foods to cook to keep the body healthy. It is a good start to learn and try to cook the food in Adjani cooking class in Bali besides visiting attractions and beaches

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