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Easy Made Balinese Foods to Cook in Adjani Bali Cooking Class

Adjani cooking class near Lovina Beach is a place that has to be visited when the tourists enjoy Lovina beach view. In this place, they will have such incredible experience to cook Balinese traditional foods. Some of them are quite difficult to cook and the cooking process usually takes time. However, they can try easy-mad Balinese foods instead. Joining fun cooking class will arouse their appetite after spending much time in the beach. By following the cooing class, they will know that Balinese like being simple. Some foods are easy to make and they don’t spend much time. Yet, they are not fast food or even junk food. They are a hundred percent healthy.

The first easy-made Balinese food which is suggested to cook in Adjani cooking class near Lovina Beach is Blayag. The tourists might frequently see the women carrying a big tray and sell the food in the villages in Bali. Possibly, what they sell is Blayag. It is a really special food for Balinese. Originally, it comes from Buleleng, a part of Singaraja. It contains urab (various vegetables) soybean, and fried chicken. From the content, it can be seen that this food is very healthy. During the cooking class, the tourists might find a little bit difficulty when they have to make the sauce. However, they will really enjoy the class since the chefs will teach how to make the special sauce for Blayag easily and appropriately.

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