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Cooking Herbs and their Uses: Beneficial Cooking Lesson in Bali

Cooking herbs and their uses becomes two most important things that the tourists would like to obtain after joining Adjani cooking class program. In Bali, there are a lot of choices of herbs that can be used for cooking. Besides they can arise aroma and taste of the foods, they are actually good for human health. They are natural and one hundred percent healthy without any chemicals. So, keeping the health by consuming healthy food like Balinese foods containing herbs is better and more effective way instead of consuming pills or supplements.

Adjani realizes that the tourists come to Bali to find happiness. They want to have a great vacation. In order to make them happy and healthy as well while they are visiting in Bali, Adjani would like to let them know cooking herbs and their uses. Onion, for instance, is a herb than cannot be separated from most Balinese foods. Almost all foods in Bali need onion. In this case, it has to be known that onion is beneficial herb to reduce the content of blood cholesterol. Besides, patients who have problem with cardiovascular will also get the advantages of this herb. In Adjani, the tourists will be taught how Balinese consume that herb. Sayur Bening can be one of a lot of optional foods that can cure those kinds of diseases since this food (actually soup) contains of onion as one of herbs included.

Ginger is another beneficial herb that can be found easily in Bali. Balinese usually consume wedang jahe (hot ginger drink) to cure cough or problems in the throat like hoarse. In fact, ginger cannot only be consumed in form of drink. This herb also becomes a part of some Balinese foods. Adjani becomes a great place to know about cooking herbs and their uses. Indeed, the tourists can learn how to cook this herb and they can show to their family or neighbor about this beneficial Balinese cook when they come back home.

Tamarind plays another role for human health. This herb works well to make blood circulation smooth. Besides, it can be a medicine for those who don’t have appetite. Consuming the Balinese foods containing this herb will make people own more appetite. It is good choice for those want to have fuller body. They will eat much and they will forget their thin body. Besides as a part of ingredient for Balinese foods, tamarind can also be consumed with form of drink just like ginger. The taste is acid yet nice. The tourists can try to cook foods containing the tamarind or make the drink made of tamarind in Adjani cooking class. Adjani has cooking Balinese program related to cooking herbs and their uses.
Going to tropical country like Indonesia is not complete when the tourists don’t try some healthy foods with various herbs. When they come to Bali, it would better if they join

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