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Cooking Class near Lovina Beach: A Place to Learn Healthy and Traditional Balinese Foods

Adjani bali Cooking Class

Adjani Bali Cooking Class

cooking class near Lovina beach must be enlisted as a place that must be visited when the tourists come to Bali. This is a place which offers Bali cooking class with traditional classes. Healthy foods become a current issue today. It is not only government but also every person cares about this issue. Fast-food restaurant has been growing up lately. It seems that the development cannot be stopped since the demands from customers never come to the low path level. Those who love keeping their body healthy move to consume traditional foods since these are kinds of healthy foods. In this case, Bali offers abundant healthy traditional foods that can be tried by any people even from different countries.

The Adjani cooking class near Lovina beach will teach unique and possibly the most traditional foods in Bali. The names of these foods are begun with Jukut. They are Jukut Ares, Jukut Srombotan, and Jukut Urab. In order to make sure that these foods are healthy, the tourists can prepare all the things including spices, herbs, and others before cooking these foods. Indeed, Bali cooking class with traditional classes only uses such traditional ingredients. For instance, when they want to cook Jukut Ares, they have to prepare tamarind, salt, and also, coconut oil. Meanwhile, the main ingredient is Gedebong Nguda or the stalk of banana tree. It is also combined with bone of chicken or duck. This is a unique and traditional food in Bali since it seems that the main ingredients are unusual. However, the taste is very delicious and it contains much nutrition for health.
Jukut Serombotan is another traditional food that will be taught in the Adjani cooking class near Lovina Beach. It is rich with green vegetables like Kangkung, spinach, and grean bean and string bean. In Java, this food looks like Gado-Gado. Actually, both foods are spicy yet little bit different in the sauce. Jukut Seromboton uses terasi as a part of spices to make the sauce. Besides, coconut oil is included as well. In the Bali cooking class with traditional classes, some tourists usually find difficulty in mixing and making the traditional spices due to the fact that the tools used to make this spices are traditional without electricity. For this Jukut Serombotan, the tourists might have the same problem. However, they will guided by instructors of Adjani cooking class near Lovina beach from the beginning till the end of the cooking process. They will find that cooking Bali traditional food is fun.

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