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Cooking Class in Bali Uncover Culinary Heritage

It might be impossible to know all about culinary heritage in Bali. However, in the Adjani Cooking class in Bali, the list of the most traditional and important Balinese foods will be revealed. Important foods means that the foods have historical value related Bali. Therefore, all foods included in the list are named with culinary heritage. So, what are the historical foods in Bali that can be learnt by tourists in the cooking class?
The first and must-be-known food in Bali is Ayam Betutu Bali. It is very popular Balinese food. Even, the tourists who are in Bali at the first time would like to order this food. It might be due to its popularity. In Cooking class in Bali, they don’t only have a change to taste this traditional food but also memorable experience to cook it. This food is enlisted as culinary food in Bali since it has closely related to Balinese belief. In some religious celebrations or local customs, this food is used as an element included in the ceremony. It seems to be offering for Balinese ancestors. For the times being, it is not only Balinese who like this food. People from different countries also admit that this food is highly delicious.
There is also another choice except meat. Vegetarians can try to cook and taste the Srombotan. It contains of various fresh vegetables like cabbage, bean sprout, and many others. It is one of phenomenal culinary heritage in Bali. People all over Indonesia like to eat this food. Even, some restraints in Bali make this food as the main and special menu. In Adjani Cooking class in Bali, the tourists can make this food by themselves. After attending the class, they try it at home when they are back to their own country.
Another culinary food in Bali that can be learnt in Cooking class in Bali is Sate Susu. The tourists might be familiar with Sate Kambing or Sate Ayam. But, Sate Susu is little bit different. The sauce is different so this Sate is different with the others. Actually, this Sate is not belonging from Bali. There is culture acculturation between Java and Bali. Javanese people who live in Bali like eating Sate. However, in order that Balinese also like this Sate, the sauce is fitted to the Balinese taste. The result is Sate Susu.
If the tourists really want to have unique experience, they can try to make Nasi Jenggo. It is really traditional food in Bali. This is also called Nasi Kucing in Java. Warung along the street usually sells this food. This food contains of rice, tempe, tofu and sometimes eggs. They will really like to join the process of cooking since they will know how Balinese served the food at the past. This traditional food is preserved up to now. Even, it is very popular as a food for dinner. Usually, this food is served with Sate Ayam, fried tempe or tofu. Cooking class in Bali makes food as culinary heritage in Bali.

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