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Cooking Class Bali: Religious Food as Old Treasure in Bali

Cooking class Bali offers the most valuable service for every participant attending cooking class program such as a class to cook religious food in Bali. This is the food that is usually used for Hindu ceremonies. It has been noticed that most Balinese are Hindu followers.

All aspects in Bali might be related to Hindu as their religious. Their tradition, ceremony and even foods have relationship with Hindu. In this case, the special opportunity given by Adjani cooking class is teaching the tourists about how to cook religious foods. In fact, these are not ordinary foods for Balinese. They have hidden what they realize as the most important thing in their life such as philosophy of Balinese life, harmony between Balinese, and many others.

Babi Guling should be placed as the first religious food in Bali. Bali in English is pig. This animal was used by many societies not only in Bali. In some parts of the world also used this animal as offering to what they believe (God or something they believe that it control them and all elements in the world). In Kuba, for instance, pig is cooked as delicious meal for Christmas. Meanwhile, Hawaiian people as people near the beach like Bali usually eat pig in some particular events

In Bali, Babi Guling becomes one of several foods for Hindu ceremony. It is roasted in which there are spices, herbs, and vegetables inside of the body of the pig. In cooking class Bali, most tourists especially from Europe really enjoy every step in cooking process. Indeed, it takes time and it is quite difficult to cook. However, since they know that it is very special food for Balinese, they don’t lose their courage and spirit to finish cooking. Besides, they realize how delicious this food would be.

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