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Cooking Class Bali, Bali Food Ceremonies

Another option of religious food in Bali is Ayam Betutu. Ayam means chicken in English. Like the previous one, this food is used for some religious and cultural ceremonies as well. However, this food can be easily found in restaurant for the times being. Selling this food massively in the restaurant doesn’t reduce the value of this religious food. Even, Balinese are very pleased since they can spread out blessing to other people by this food.

When tourists join cooking class Bali, they will be taught the technique how to cook this food correctly. The important thing in cooking this food is that they have to be able to make the meat tender. Some tourists who have attended this class said that the most difficult part of cooking process is when they have to sew the hole in the chicken stomach after entering spices and herbs inside.

In fact, there are many other religious foods in Bali except Babi Guling and Ayam Betutu. Nevertheless, among others, both foods are very well-known not only in Bali, Indonesia but also other countries. Even, the tourists have heart set on studying how to cook both foods when they visit in Bali. In this case, they need to join cooking class Bali.

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