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Brahmavihara Arama in Banjar Village,North Bali

Given the incidence of 5 yrs ago in Brahmavihara Arama in Banjar Village, District Banjar, Buleleng, Bali brings a miracle. Holy water dripping from the statue of the Goddess Kwam-Lev believed to be a sign of prosperity and welfare of mankind.

Since the appearance of the holy water, hundreds of people from various people pray and invoke the holy water in Buddhist Temple. They are willing to queue to acquire a slip of holy water. Because the water dripping from
Dewi Kwan Im Arca cumpu erratic. Sometimes it flows, not infrequently just a drop.

Residents and Buddhist begging water from the goddess Kwan Im Arca believes that outside water is holy water. They believe in the holy water to calm the mind, smoothness and peace efforts.

A temple guard Mahatnaya Putu said since the advent of the holy water, the monastery was visited by the group that is now the candidates.

Meanwhile, Monk Javanapanno not dare to conclude that the water dripping from the statue of the Goddess Kwam-Im has clear powers. He was handed over to the people who begged her beliefs. “A Monk
states that water should not have the power, it’s up to the appropriate pleading belief, “he said.

Bisku Javanapanno explained that water is the source of life. In a place with abundant water so that it lives in the area it would have been a prosperous region. “Prosperous universe will bring prosperity,” he said.

This holy water is dripping with indefinitely. The last time the water was dripping on December 23, 2008. Now this is no longer the holy water dripping from the statue of the goddess cumpu Kwam-Im. “Last time drip yesterday. Present during seharin not drip,” said Putu Mahatyana a temple guard.

Arama estimated Brahmavihara stood since 1956. The oldest temple in Bali was founded by a Bante (Master Giri Rakkito). This temple ever built in the Pagoda. However, this pagoda was destroyed by an earthquake in Seririt fierce. Currently, this temple stands on an area of 4 hectares. In this temple there is a temple of Borobudur is same to building a much smaller size.

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