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Bali Cooking Lesson,Easy-made Balinese food

Rambanan is one of the other easy-made Balinese foods. Rambanan is a great choice for those who announce that they are truly vegetarian. They will not find any meat in this food. Meanwhile, only various fresh vegetables will be found such as string bean, sprout, and other vegetables that are usually planted in the back or yard of the Balinese house. In Adjani cooking class near Lovina beach, the tourists will cook Rambanan with very fresh vegetables. Adjani don’t purchase the vegetables from the stores and keep them in the refrigerator. They realize that tourists want something different. With truly fresh vegetables, they will never forget the experience in the cooking class. Like the previous one, this food is very easy to make. All vegetables will be put together in one place and they will be poured with special sauce made of coconut milk combined with herbs and spices.

The last recommended easy-made Balinese food is Srombotan. When the tourists have already seen Rambanan, they possibly think that Srombotan is Rambanan, just in different name. However, when they come and join the Adjani cooking class near Lovina beach, they will find that both foods are different each other. Indeed, both are containing a lot of vegetables. Yet, the sauce is different. The sauce of Srombotan is made terasi, chili, and also nut. Meanwhile, some of vegetables included in this vegetarian food is Kangkung (leafy vegetable), eggplant, spinach, and pare.

Those are three highly-recommended foods to cook in the cooking class in Adjani. Those who are not quite good in cooking don’t need to worry about it. These foods are very easy to make for them. Even, attending Adjani cooking class near Lovina beach could a good start to love cooking since cooking is not as hard as they might think.

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