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Bali Cooking Class,with Traditional Cooking Food

Sate Komoh could be unique sate in Indonesia. When the tourists visit Jogja and some parts of Java Island, they will find sate made of goat or chicken meat with nut or kecap as the sauce. In Bali, they will find a really different sate called Sate Komah. The main difference is on the sauce. Visually, it is like ordinary sate with skewer. Besides it is unique sate, it is also traditional food in Bali which can be learnt in cooking class Bali. The taste is also different with other sate. It is not too spicy like sate in Java


Since many tourists especially from Europe really want to come to Indonesia to taste fresh foods made of vegetable, cooking class Bali also opens vegetarian class program. Lawar becomes one of the most recommended vegetarian foods to cook in this class. It is truly delicious vegetarian food belonging to Bali. It consists of several vegetables like nut and some fresh green leaves in Bali.

Bali is tropical area in Indonesia so it is not hard to find vegetables and then they can be cooked to be delicious foods. So, visiting Bali becomes a great time to forget about unhealthy food, fast food, or even junk food because Bali will teach the tourists how to life healthy.


These are some traditional food in Bali. Indeed, having holiday in Bali will be tremendous flat and there is no impression at all when the tourists only spend the time in tourism objects only but they miss the chance to know how to cook Bali traditional foods in cooking class Bali

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