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Bali Cooking Class, Learning Different Famous Balinese Foods and Recipe

Bali cooking class becomes one of handsome place to go in Bali. It might be a sign that tourists coming to Bali is not only for having fun in several places like Kuta. Bali is not only one of the most handsome tourism objects in Indonesia. Bali has many delicious foods to attempt as well. Thats why many tourists from other countries never end coming and visiting Bali. If tourists visit Bali, they might visit beautiful beaches and some interesting places and also enjoy some foods from Bali. However, their vacation in Bali is not perfect when they dont learn how to chef Balinese foods. In this case, they can learn how to chef Balinese foods by attending cooking class in Bali.
Bali has special cuisine and it refers to Balinese taste. In this case, Babi Guling is the most favorite food for Balinese that is taught by Bali cooking class. Babi in English is pig. It is a roast suckling pig. Usually, the pig is very old to be suckling, about three up to six months old. Before the process of cooking begins, the pig is impaled on pole made of wooden. The pig is turned over a flare. There are some ingredients which are spread out. The process of turning over the pig upon a flare is about one till two hours. This food is correct choice for those who love to eat such a spicy food.
Another spicy Balinese food that the tourists can learn is Rujak. This food is so spicy since one of the main ingredients is chili. Besides, there are also sugar and salt which are mixed together. That becomes the sauce of the Rujak. Meanwhile, fresh fruits like mango, papaya, or guava are poured with the sauce. It is delicious and spicy food which can be enjoyed during afternoon. When the tourists join Bali cooking class, they will not need much time to learn how to make Rujak. Actually, it is simple to do and when they come back house, they can try making Rujak again in their own house.
When the tourists adore to eat duck, they can try to create Bebek Betutu at first. The duck is served with vegetables and spices stuffed inside the duck. Meanwhile, the outside of the duck is a banana leaf. The banana leaf wraps Bebek Betutu. However, they have to be patient in cooking this Balinese food. Bali cooking class possibly takes up to four hours since the process of cooking Bebek Betutu is quite long time. In Bali, this plate is very special. Balinese usually eats Babek Betutu in very special occasion. In this time, the tourists can try this special Balinese food and chef it by themselves at the similar time.
Those are some foods which the tourists will learn in Bali cooking class. When they join the class, they will locate that Bali is not only a fine place to have trip, but also nice area to learn a tiny part of Indonesia food.

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