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Bali Cooking Class: Find Unforgettable Experience Cooking Bali Cuisine

Bali cooking class offers a great opportunity for any tourists from different countries to learn more about Bali rather than visiting the beach. It sounds like a school, but it is quite different with school. Adjani cooking class is an example. With fun and professional instructors, the tourists will be able to know how to cook Bali cuisine easily. They don’t need to learn about any spices or herbs used by Balinese. The types of ingredients are a lot so they will be very confused to know all about them. In Adjani cooking class, they will learn to cook Balinese food effectively and fun.

Adjani Bali cooking class realizes that Balinese sea foods are so tasty for some tourists especially tourists from Europe. They might be able to find the sea foods in the restaurant in Bali. However, it would be better if they can see what Balinese people do in the kitchen. In this case, Adjani tries to let them know in the kitchen. They will involve in the cooking process and how to cook special Bali cuisine.

One of the most favorite sea foods in Bali is Pesan be Pasih. It sounds strange, actually. Nevertheless, they will be very happy to eat this sea food. It is a grilled fish which is covered with banana leaf. In Bali cooking class, the tourists will be invited to prepare from the first to the end of the cooking process. They will prepare several special spices like salam leaf, spring lemon basil, and white peppercorn crushed. The most unique process might be preparing the place which is made of banana leaf. For Balinese, it is very easy to cut and make the place made of banana leaf. But for tourists overseas, it is another case.

Another sea food that can be learnt in the Bali cooking class is Penyon Kenus. It is a tasty food for those who like squid. Unlike usual food made of squid, a lot of herbs are used to make squid more delicious. In fact, the meat of squid is very soft. But, when tourists join this cooking class, they will be able to know how to cook squid in order to have softer meat. Some spices and herbs are garlic, lime leaves, coconut cream, and also stalks lemon grass bruised.

Eating satay made of goat or chicken meat could usual. How about satay made of gilled squid? It would be tremendous Bali cuisine. The Bali spices for cooking this satay is almost the same with other satay. The main problem is how to cook squired in order that the meat is soft and delicious in the mouth. It has to be understood that squid needs certain treatment in order that the meat is tender and soft. If it is overcooked, the meat will be hard. When it is not cooked well, the meat will not be delicious. In Adjani Bali cooking class, the tourists will learn how to make perfect satay made of squid

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