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Bali Cooking Class, Bali Food, Adjani Bali

Bali as most people know is an interesting island. Just look at the nature of Bali, it’s give you beautiful beaches, natural waterfalls, tranquil lakes, beautiful green of rice fields, and the sacredness of magnificent temples. Not only pampering your mind and soul with all its beauty, but Bali also gives you the service for your physical that must be you met every day. Food, it becomes a basic need that can’t be abandoned by humans. Bali knows how to pamper taste buds with a delicious sense of satisfaction.

Finding foods that you will never forget, you can enjoy Balinese foods. Balinese foods have strong seasoning on each cuisine and make your appetite increase. Traveled to Bali not always have to be nature travel, tracing every crevice and road of tourist village. Culinary tour can be the one of your alternative to enjoy Bali, became a spicy food lovers
If you want to enjoy a typical food with a strong seasoning, you can enjoy the cuisine which is very popular in Balinese society called “Betutu”. “Betutu” is a food made from chicken or duck is covered with a spicy seasoning and also this would be one of Halal Food options for Muslims who traveled to Bali.

“Betutu” is a typical food actually comes from Gianyar, then became popular after trading ini Gilimanuk by Men Tempeh from Gianyar. Until now “Betutu” is very popular to all over island of Bali, is not only a native of Bali which enjoys this cuisine, but also foreign tourist really love “Betutu”. Cooking this food requires a long time and lots of patience. Chicken or duck is coated in soy sauce and typical seasoning of “Betutu”, then wrapped in banana leaves or areca leaves. Once wrapped, chicken or duck meat is burnt using chaff in the ground. This process takes up to many hours. But the longer you wait when cooked, will be paid with the delicious taste of “Betutu”. You will get tender meat and distinctive flavors that penetrate to the bone of chicken or duck

Just imagine already feels very delicious, especially if you try to taste it. The taste you will never forget, how this food can pamper your tongue with perfect seasoning. You should try to taste this cuisine, which is more fun if you can try to make this recipe. Bali has a lot of cooking class and you can choose “Betutu” recipe for the class that you take. Happy eating and cooking a delicious “Betutu

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