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Bali Cooking Class, Adjani Bali Cooking School.

Bali Cooking Class,Vegetarian Cooking in Lovina North Bali

   Cooking class Bali provides at least two class categories. They are vegetarian and non-vegetarian food category. Both categories are included as traditional food in Bali because there is no other reason for tourists who attend in Bali cooking class except studying how to cook Bali traditional food. In this case, the word “traditional” might be closed to the meaning of old, less beautiful, and less interesting. However, that statement is untrue. In Bali, traditional means unique and priceless.

   The tourists can easily find some traditional cultures like ceremony held by Balinese for the times being and they are priceless. In terms of food, Balinese also preserve their traditional food because they know that traditional Balinese food is very valuable. It hides true philosophy about Balinese.  


One of the most traditional foods or even one of the oldest foods in Bali is Penyon. Actually, this is an animal that is usually found near the beach. In Lovina, this animal can be seen. That is why Loving cooking class Bali really wants to let other people know how delicious this food is. Balinese usually consume this animal.

   The meat is highly delicious. It has high protein as well. It is included as traditional food in Bali because it has been consumed by Balinese for over the years. Ancestors didn’t need to give various spices when they wanted to cook this animal. Penyon could be fried and the salt was poured on it. For today, there is a little touch from the chef in Bali cooking class in order that meat of Penyol is more delicious to consume.


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