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Attending Cooking Class in Lovina Bali to Make Healthy Foods

For the times being, many international tourists have already noticed that Bali is not only wealth enough with attractive tourism objects like beautiful beaches with white sands, unique traditional dances and religion ceremonies. In Bali, they also want to learn about cooking herbs. Therefore, when they visit Bali, they will not miss the opportunity to attend in cooking class in Lovina Bali. So, besides enjoying the charming Lovina beach, they also want to try to cook herbs with attending cooking class there.

Cooking class in Lovina Bali will teach them every step to cook herb. One of the most favorite herbs to cook is tamarind due to the fact that this herb is very beneficial for people’s health. This herb is a traditional medicine to cure several health problems such as cough, cold, rheumatic, and many others. For women, this herb is believed as good herb for their skin. By consuming this herb, their skin will be well-treated. Their skin will be soft and fresh. When tourists join the herb cooking class, they will learn how to cook tamarind. In addition, there is also food like soup called “sayur asam”. It is a kind of soup containing several fresh vegetables and tamarind becomes a part of it. So, instead of consuming tamarind as herb, they can consume it like soup.

Ginger becomes another root which is used as herb as well. Balinese people call ginger as “jahe”. Usually, it is included as one of ingredient for several Balinese foods. Ginger makes food so spicy. However, it is different with chilly. Ginger will make the body warm. The food containing with ginger is a good choice to serve during cold weather at night in Bali. Besides food containing of ginger, cooking class in Lovina Bali also will teach the tourists how to make a special drink made of ginger. It is simple and easy to make.

Turmeric is another important root for Balinese foods. Actually, some Indonesia foods also use turmeric as the main herb. Now, turmeric (called kunyit in Bali) is sold in powdered and dried form. However, when they visit Bali, they will be able to see the fresh turmeric. Indeed, the fresh turmeric is better in taste and the appearance of the food. It can be notice which Balinese food uses turmeric and which one doesn’t. It can be judged from the look. If the color of food or yellow, it is probably containing turmeric. Besides, the taste is very pungent. By attending in cooking class in Lovina Bali, the tourists will be able to make their own foods using this herb when they come back home.

Cooking herbs is actually easy to do. Even those who have never cooked Balinese foods with herbs will be able to make by themselves when they pay attention to every single instruction. Cooking class in Lovina Bali tries to invite people all over the world to know that Bali has healthy foods. Balinese people like cooking herbs. It can be said as a campaign to love healthy foods.

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