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Attending Adjani Bali Cooking Class as another Attractive Thing to Do in Bali

Instead of nice beaches, Bali has traditional foods which are taught by Balinese in Adjani Bali cooking class. Everybody all over the world has already known that Bali has a lot of attractive tourism objects to visit. Bali is such a beautiful island owned by Indonesia. However, Bali is not only about tourism objects like beautiful beach with clean and white sand. When people come to Bali, they will not forget to taste some traditional Bali foods. Even, they feel that there is something missing when they don’t try their own food. So, there is another thing to do in Bali except having quality time to lie on beautiful beach for sunbathing or enjoying sunset. It is attending Adjani Bali cooking class.

Some people might ask why Adjani and why not the other places. When they know the reasons why they have to choose Adjani as a place to learn Bali’s traditional foods, they will be very pleased to go to that place. First, Adjani is located very near from Lovina beach. This beach might not be strange anymore in tourists’ ears. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. So, besides enjoying stunning view in Lovina beach, they can go to Adjani to be the next stop. The plan will be like this. They enjoy the view in the beach and when they need to take a rest, they can enjoy the meal in Adjani. This place, instead of serving some traditional food from Bali also gives cooking class

Adjani Bali cooking class gives the opportunity for them to know more about Bali except beautiful scenery of the beaches. Cooking is another attractive thing to do in Bali. It cannot be imagined that the tourists eat Bali foods made by them.Another reason is that Adjani Bali cooking class is very interesting class to learn many Bali foods. Adjani has professional chiefs who will guide them every step to cook certain Bali food. They are friendly and communicative as well. So, the tourists don’t need to be afraid if they cannot follow the class. The chiefs will make them master in making Bali foods.

Since cooking becomes another thing to do in Bali instead of laying on the beach, Adjani Bali cooking class give some options for tourists to pick whether they want to choose vegetarian cooking class program, non vegetarian cooking class program, or mix cooking class program. Adjani understand that everybody has his own favorite food. So, these three different classes are offered.

In short, joining the Adjani Bali cooking class will give them perspective about Bali from another point of view. They will truly understand that every aspect in Bali is related to each other like culture, belief, dress, and also foods. Nevertheless, the most important thing that the tourists will learn from this cooking class is that how Balinese appreciate their ancestor

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