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Assorted Recipes Bali

Traditional Balinese dishes such as vegetable or vegetable Buangit reparations, now we rarely hear. But do not worry, because soon there will be dozens of Balinese cuisine recipes rare, which is rarely cooked by the residents of Bali.

Rare cookbooks Bali is currently being prepared by a culinary hobbyist Bali, Ketut Pramana. Currently Ketut’ve made about 25 recipes, from a total of 50 traditional Balinese recipe.

“There are about 50 traditional Balinese dishes that my middle bunk. Material cuisine later in this book come from a variety of habitats such as animals living in the rice fields, rivers, and the sea,” said the man who was familiarly called Gogong.

Compiled cookbooks Gogong is unique because it uses materials that arguably increasingly rare as kakul (snail rice), protected (eel), jubel, and julit (a type of eel).

“In addition to use of rare materials used, I also use materials catfish, squid, tuna, snapper, and others. There are also animals that have two chicken legs and feet that four cows. Marinade I use base (seasoning) big, sweet base, base plug, Kalas base, and the base gede with seasoning ingredients galangal, turmeric, ginger kencur, bawng red garlic. this fun project, hopefully this year (2012) could be done, “he said.

Gogong said, the purpose of this book to preserve Balinese cuisine that is almost forgotten and is rarely cooked.

“Now buangit dishes like vegetable, vegetable spoils, rambanan vegetables, vegetable pusuh (banana heart), are rarely cooked. Which is still rather frequent losers gerangasem meat dishes,” said Gogong said, adding, in his book, there will be nine kinds of sauce recipes typical of Bali .articel from BERITA BALI COM

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