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Adjanibali Bali Cooking Class Information

Bali Cooking Class, Balinese Food, Bali Cooking Course Information

Adjani Bali cooking classes that feed you information. The instructor gives a demonstration of how to create a particular dish chop this, prep this, mix everything together and simmer until tender. These classes are functional and efficient.

Then there are Cooking Classes that feed the mind and the soul. The participants are not merely taught how a dish is done, but become immersed in an experience. They are shown where the food comes found from and invited into the cook’s home to get a feel for how people in this particular culture live.

So imaging this for a Cooking Class in Lovina,Bali. First, a trip to the traditional Medicine herbs in Adjanibali cooking class , you can see many type of the spice plant and get the herbs plant to make tea.

All the dishes are prepared with organic ingredients from the couple’s garden. The prep and cooking was done in the outdoor kitchen at the back using a combination of traditional methods, like mortar and  pestle to  grind the spices  and  the Balinese  wood stove, as well as the  modern gas range.

The class  was hands-on, with everyone was expected to pitch in.  Gede Suarsana and Iluhand Gede will answered every question that came their way – food-related or otherwise.

During the last Cooking Class, you will be able to ask one of the ingredients to cook, then you will own practice with the scout cooking teacher, after several hours of progress.

You will rest for a while, drinking tea from medicinal plants such as tea rosella or Tulasi tea or even tea from ginger plus lemmon grass and pandan leaves, let enjoy relaxing time with Adjani Bali Cooking Class, after drink tea you can continue cooking lessons again, until the end, then you will Can enjoy cuisine that you created yourself, join with us to find a worthwhile experience


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