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Adjani Bali Cooking Class, Bali Cooking Informations

Adjani cooking class in Bali is a really exciting cooking class that is high-recommended to join when the tourists have a vacation in Bali. There are various food categories that are ready to be taught by the instructors and professional Balinese chefs including Balinese medical foods. It has been known that Bali is an island of Gods. It means that this island has been blessed by Gods. One of the proofs is that this island has a lot of resources from natural which is good for health. And Balinese thank to them and make many delicious and nice foods as the response to the blessing.

One of the most favorite and healthy foods in Bali is Sayur Asem. It is actually a soup which is usually consumed with rice by Balinese. This Sayur Asem will be very delicious when it is served just after cooking. So, it is still warm. Tamarind becomes an important herb to make this Sayur Asem. Asem here actually means sour. This taste is produced by tamarind. Before the tourists cook the Sayur Asem in Adjani cooking class in Bali, they will be informed why Balinese like consuming this food. This food is very healthy and good to keep them healthy. Tamarind can reduce the health problems like cough, rheumatic, and also cold. When the tourists’ body cannot adapt the weather in Bali, they probably get cold. In this case, they need to join the class and consume this food to cure the pain instead of taking medicine from dispensary.

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