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Cooking Class Program


 Bali Cooking Class,Cooking Class Program

Bali Cooking Class, Balinese Cooking, Balinese food,Start : 10.00am_13.00

Only 3 hour you can learn 5 dishes balinese cooking

A.Vegetarian Cooking Class Proram

1. Balinese Curry








Curry  is combine of some spice in bali we are call base genep.base is spice and genep is complete ,we use base genep from more than 14 kinds of of spice. between : aromatic,ginger, ginger. ginger root,shallots,redchili,salamleafes,lime.lemonl grass,onion,dill,pepper, turmeric/ safron root},salt,coriander,etc.we add any spice with vegetables,meat,noodles,or fish,,

2. Gado_Gado with peanur sauce ,

Gado_gado is boiled vegetables add tofu.soya beans fermented [tempe] and peanut sauce .








3. Sambal goreng tempe

,Fried soya beans fermented [tempe] add any spice than put lemmon leafes for aromatic.








4.Verkedel kentang [ fried potato] add any spice mix with eggs







5.Black rice pudding [pudding is bubur, black rice is ketan hitam] add sugar coconut milk








Minimum : 2 person

Price          :$ 35/ person

Price Including : Pick up around Lovina, Mindral water, Tea, Coffe, The best Souvenir



B. Non Vegetarian Cooking Class Pr0gram

only 3 hours student make 5 dishes, start : 10.00 am-13.00,for your lunch
1 , Chiken Satay  (Sate ayam )with Peanut sauce









2.Sate Lilit,,,,,, young coconut ,spice,meat or fish,,










3.Ikan Pepes, Fish in banana leaf,add any spice










4.   Urab   .Boiled Vegetable,, and coconut sauce










5.Banana Pudding, banana ,coconut milk, palm sugar











Minimum: 2 person
Price     : $40/person
Price including : Pick up in lovina area, mindral water, see spice garden souvenier,ingridience,receipe.,Please book the day before

C.     Mix Program :5 dishes

Please choose A .Vegetarian program and B. Non Vegetarian program ,, 5dishes

Minimum :2 person
Price               : $40/person
Price including :Pick up in lovina mindral water, coofee or tea
Course schedule : Evey day , start :10.00am_13.00
Before cooking class start, you can see spice medicine herbs at adjani
                          PLEASE BOOK THR DAY BEFORE